The Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in Yuen Long South - Investigation was completed. The information in this website has been archived and will not be updated. Please visit the following website for the latest information on Yuen Long South Development Area:

Draft Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP)


Green Space Network

In terms of urban design, open space provided in different residential communities in the PDA is complemented by the preserved active agricultural land, secondary woodland and natural streams together with revitalised nullahs and other sustainable drainage initiatives to form a comprehensive green space network serving the PDA, surrounding villages and linking with the greenery in Yuen Long New Town.

Sustainable Drainage Initiatives and Cycle Track

We have proposed to create a new watercourse along the hillside of Ma Shan with flood retention facilities and to provide scenic cycle track. Visitors could appreciate the watercourse and this would also promote cycling tour. The Yuen Long Nullah, Tin Tsuen Channel and Yuen Long (West) Nullah would be revitalised, forming a blue network. Along the revitalised nullah/water channels and proposed watercourse, Riverside Walking Trail has been planned. These four watercourses penetrating the PDA will form the special character of Yuen Long South .

View Corridors and Breezeways

Two key view corridors / breezeways are identified, one along Kung Um Road Yuen Long Nullah and one along hillside of Ma Shan passing through the ‘Green Zone’. Open space and low-rise uses are placed along these links to foster the visual linkage between Yuen Long New Town and Tai Lam Country Park, as well as to improve air ventilation.This is a plan showing the urban design framework for Yuen Long South.