The Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in Yuen Long South - Investigation was completed. The information in this website has been archived and will not be updated. Please visit the following website for the latest information on Yuen Long South Development Area:

Draft Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP)


Planning Concept

A planning concept and urban design framework is formulated with regard to the unique geographical context of Yuen Long South and its surrounding natural and rural character. This new town extension will display planning and urban design promoting urban, rural and nature integration.

1. Residential Community

Three residential communities of different development intensities are proposed in the new town extension. The one located near Yuen Long New Town has the highest development density, whereas those located near Tai Lam Country Park and the existing low-density residential neighbourhood at Tong Yan San Tsuen have a lower density. 

2. Key Activity Node

A key activity node with Public Transport Interchange (PTI) is provided at each residential community providing local commercial, community and public transport facilities. They are also placed close to the surrounding existing villages to serve both the future residents of Yuen Long South and existing villagers. The activity node near Tong Yan San Tsuen Interchange has been planned as a gateway to Yuen Long South. District Open Space, community facilities and a PTI would be provided, and with direct connection to the proposed Environmentally Friendly Transport Services (subject to further studies).

3. Employment Belt

To ultiise the close connection with highway netowrk and reduce environmental impact on the residential neighbourhood, an “Employment Belt” is designated along Yuen Long Highway for storage and workshop uses.

4. Green Zone

The active agricultural land in the south of Tong Yan San Tsuen would be preserved and designated as “Green Zone”.

5. Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, comprehensive road, pedestrian and cycling network including the EFTS (subject to further studies) connecting the PDA to Yuen Long New Town and Hung Shui Kiu NDA have been planned.

This is a plan showing the overall planning concept for Yuen Long South.